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I offer private art lessons for individuals and groups. These can be explorations into creativity, professional development, integration of life changes, or pure celebration. I can work with participants in a variety of materials and techniques including ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media art, and more. Classes are appropriate for all ages and are held at my studio in Richmond as well as remotely. 

Clay mother with child.
Clay bird and nest.

"Lauren is a studio artist who works across many media and teaches across many communities including underserved populations in Richmond. She holds art sessions in her studio and beyond, holding an encouraging, non-judgmental container where your experience and imagination can unfold."

-Juliette B.

Mask making workshop.
Clay dragon.
Plate making clay class.

“I found myself in front of a blank canvas in an art class led by Lauren Ari. It was at a time when I felt my dream of living in the countryside would never happen. I started painting trees, rolling hills, grass, a fence. I felt a sudden sadness. I told Lauren I didn't want to finish. She looked at me and she said, ‘You have to finish.’ I started crying, and we went into her house and talked. She listened. And then I went back and painted a quilt over the hills that represented comfort. A while later I got the news that we could move to Hood River, Oregon, a small town with rolling hills and pine trees. Two years after that I moved into a small cottage with a view that almost exactly matched my painting. I want to paint more things that I want to manifest in my life. It was a life changing experience.”

Beth W.

Magic vessels.

"Landing in Lauren’s art studio was a true delight! The energy of the space made my cells buzz with excitement. Lauren’s approach was lighthearted and liberating. She kept my focus on the process of expression as opposed to the idea of a finished product. Even still, I walked away from the afternoon with a piece of visual art unlike any I have created before or since. It hangs on my bedroom wall, a daily reminder of my journey and ability to access a place of profound peace and spaciousness.” 

‑Dr. Murpy

Clay family alter.

"Lauren Ari can help you bring your visions and intentions into the physical realm through intuitive, self-directed play. With her guidance, you can easily find yourself free from judgement and expectation; and in that space you can deepen your understandings, process experiences non-verbally, and create objects that help keep your deepest wisdom within your sight."

‑Joe B. 


  • 1 Hour:  $75​

  • 2 Hours:  $140


* some materials provided

All other classes please inquire

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