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Lauren Ari’s series of ceramic bedscapes explores our sleeping and dreaming time as a reflection of the weightiest forces and experiences in our lives. The bed serves as a literal platform in which archetypes overtake the sleepers, actualizing their fears and desires with result that can be calming, disturbing, humorous, uncertain, and always as complex as dreams. 

Commision a bed for your loved one!


"I’ve always loved Lauren Ari’s ceramic bed series from the day I first saw them because of their humor, her handling of the material and their narrative quality. They have the feel of a playful line drawing in the form of sculpture. I also love that they can sit on a shelf or hang on the wall. Yes they’re small, but they can pack a lot of punch. One day I decided to commission Lauren so we could have our own story bed, but I wanted it to be about our family.


I told Lauren what I was thinking and she translated my words into her imagery. I also supplied her with photos of my wife, our tortoise, our dog and my love for kayaking. She even added the cacti growing in our front yard. One thing I didn’t want to do was micro manage her process or the outcome. It’s so easy to get caught up in expectations when it’s a commission. But artists interpret their world and I wanted Lauren’s interpretation because I love her art, and I trust her voice as an artist."


John Yoyogi Fortes

John Yougi Family Bed Image
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